Title: Communication, Denialism, Ideology and Science

Call: Vol. 26, N ° 114 May - August 2022 (publication of the number September 2022)

This number will be in charge of the professors Betania Maciel (Rede Folkcom); Edna Mello (Rede Alcar); Janaína Antunes (ABCiber) and professors Gerson Luiz Martins (ABEJ); Maurício Silva (ABPEducom), members of the Internationalization Commission of the Federation of Scientific Societies in Communication - Socicom (Brazil).

General theme

We invite researchers in the field of Communication to submit articles for the dossier to be published in RAZÓN Y PALAVRA Magazine in volume 27, number 113.

Scientific Policies in the area of ​​Communication are essential to promote dialogue between the State and organized civil society, in order to contribute to the democratization of communication. However, recent changes in the world communication landscape put this relationship in check. Discussing about participation in knowledge and solidarity is key to facing a present and a future marked by antagonistic discourses, conflicts and narrative disputes about the status of scientific knowledge and its impacts on society, as has been the case with the pandemic of the Covid-19 and its effects. In this context, legal frameworks and public policies become essential to regulate a communication sphere that is less and less dependent on the mass media and that becomes decentralized with the entry on the scene of multiple actors from social networks.
Socicom, through its internationalization policies, promotes in this publication a reflection on communication practices in this socio-historical moment marked by extreme situations. As part of an active society committed to training and knowledge, we seek to present an overview of current communication challenges, with a focus on Latin America, contributing to the development of studies and research that indicate possible solutions to the crisis of disorganization social that we live, through political participation and cultural development.

Therefore, the following thematic axes are proposed for this call, as well as other themes that converge with this call:

1. Interculturality in the mass media and social networks
2. Expresiones da Folkcomunicación in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.
3. Communication Policies in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.
4. Training in Communication and development policies
5. Cyberactivism, Digital Culture and Social Networks
6. Journalism and Scientific Dissemination in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.
7. Communication, information and health as Human Rights
8. Organizational communication in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.
9. Innovation in Information and Communication Technologies in the pandemic context
10. Policies and practices of open access to science and culture

Editorial guidelines
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The presentation of the articles in APA standard, 7th is mandatory. edition.
Submission process for the monograph
The authors of this monograph must upload the abstracts, materials and final articles on the OJS / PKP platform of the journal: and notify the general coordinator of their submission from the number Betania Maciel, to the following email, with a copy to Janaína Antunes (; Edna Mello (
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Call opening March 1, 2022
Closure of the call 20-June-2022
Announcements accepted jobs July 10, 2022